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Jean Claude Awwad

Jean Claude Awwad started his first business at the age of 23 with sales and installation of commercial van and truck equipment.  This business grew to 25 employees and reached an annual revenue in the seven-figures within six years.  

Jean Claude then had the opportunity to cofound a renewable energy company and it was able to reach eight figure sales revenues within six years.  Both businesses were dominant in their fields and market share.  

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"I’ve been through the ups and downs and struggles that businesses and entrepreneurs go through and know the importance of having sustainable competitive strategies. I’m currently pursuing a path that is focused on helping businesses achieve sales growth by improving their competitive strategies."
"I have always liked the idea of being independent in how I would earn a living since an early age. Many people in my family and surroundings had businesses and I looked up to a few of them. I guess this influenced me to jump right into it."