Jean Claude Awwad has spent most of his life between Montreal and Toronto.  When he was in school, he was fascinated with biology and chemistry and thought he wanted to become a biochemist when he graduated from high school.  He went on to earn his degree from John Abbott College in Montreal in Pure and Applied Sciences.  He then finished 2 years of industrial engineering at Concordia University but at that point he decided it was not the best fit for him because he was drawn more to the business world.  He ended up completing a master’s program in International Business from the University of Liverpool.  


Jean Claude Awwad started his first business at the age of 23 with sales and installation of commercial van and truck equipment.  This business grew to 25 employees and reached an annual revenue in the seven-figures within six years.  

Jean Claude then had the opportunity to cofound a renewable energy company and it was able to reach eight figure sales revenues within six years.  Both businesses were dominant in their fields and market share.  

With his years of business success and business challenges, Jean Claude Awwad now finds it extremely rewarding to help other companies to implement competitive strategies that will help them to achieve more growth.